MASK_03 – Puppet

Third of MASK collection – Puppet


It’s a puppet mask that speaks for you when you are not in the mood of socializing but still wanting to be nice. It also helps you to escape the real world, and provides temporary healthy self-pity for you to enjoy


  • Nonverbal communication
  • Tunnel between real & virtual world
    • Deal with social behaviors for you
    • Take you exploring the 100% reality-unrelated world
      • Four Corners
        1. self pity zone
        2. so many escapees zone
        3. white noise zone
        4. connect to other masks

Content Test


Fabrication Process

Use upholstery foam as paper. Trace the pattern on the foam and cut it.

Glue them with hot glue! Perfect match with foam. Thanks for the tips from awesome Jingwen!

So many hot glue sticks to make a head.

Body without hands and legs yet.

Waiting for elastic band to assemble all together! (Look like a creepy baby)


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