PComp_week_02_Zoetrope from JHCLaura on Vimeo.

In the 2nd class of PComp, Aaron and I made a zoetrope which is energized by a motor. So exciting!! If I were not in the class I would give it a happy shriek! This work was majorly done by talented Aaron since I haven’t got my Arduino Starter kit yet, and I borrowed one at 1 AM which is just 8 hours before the class… tragedy. Anyway, thank you Aaron!

At first, our zoetrope worked with only a potentiometer, and since we haven’t learned how to use it to get a variable supply yet but simply a on-and-off switch, we couldn’t control the speed of the motor, so it turned too fast for a clear animation. To solve this problem, Tom Igoe suggested adding a momentary switch to supply power by clicking it manually.

At first, we couldn’t make it right because we misunderstood the flow of the current. Thanks to Jason we got it done eventually. And here are some detailed pics of our work!

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