interview and sensors test {FungU}

Interview with Stephen from Ecovative and Customer Service Lady from Fungi Perfecti:

  • Free form mycelium fabrication could be doable, just remember to degerm.
  • Can’t be pressed in small mold because it will be hard to take out of the mold.
  • Can try to put growing log in the mold I make to grow, but cut it in half equals to cut the nutrients in half.

Discuss with Scott:

  • Questions for myself
    • organic or clean? based on what message I want to send, what emotion I want people to have be intrigued, be bound, to have raw motion from
    • —> messy, wild, crazy —> Organic!




  • kind of achieve to mimic the movement of the mushroom: when no one near, the mushroom keeps swinging, when ppl come near, the mushroom is aware and then stops.
  • problems: swing speed needs to slow down, could be more sensitive and accurate. ASK around. Yo.


  • order oyster mushroom kit
  • try using mycelium as dough(if it’s doable, project might change)
  • physical design
  • software design
  • LAB in shops
  • blue foam: big & small fungi
  • wood base box
  • put oyster mushroom in it and wait it to grow!!!