{ Brain } – process of painfully crafting your idea

SO. Here’s the report of my { brain } automata making process.

First, prototype with cardboard. Laser cut 11 pieces of pentagons, and stick them together with my favorite tool – duck tapes.


And endless steel wire bending.2014-11-23 22.56.04


Laser Cut transparent 3/16″ acrylic and build into dodecahedron  with hinges and machine screws.
2014-11-30 17.00.26

And mount the motor my pulley system!


Things all sound easy but there are actually lot of painful struggling –>

  1. Pre drilling hole on small wood tube is hard. Crack easily.
  2. Rope has to be trimmed neatly or it will stuck with wires.
  3. Bad binding with wire and motor shaft. Asked magical Ben Light, ordered a shaft coupler to connect wire and DC motor.
  4. Have to relocation the motor. Should leave more space for the shaft side.
  5. Friction debugging nightmare…

SO. I’m really concerned about the possibility of finishing it before Final…. but whatever, I’ll keep working on it :DDDDD



Burned my arduino...

Inspired by the crazy servo motor workpiece by David Bowen, I tried to learned controlling DC motor rotating direction with H-bridge through this tutorial but failed to change the direction. The result was either rotated or stopped. Thinking the possibility of my motor might be broken, I borrowed other’s official stater kit’s DC motor, which was smaller than mine, and then things just went wrong…

The motor spun so fast and Uno became kind of warm. I pulled out the power supply but it was too late. I couldn’t upload any sketches anymore. Even unplugged all the wires and run the Example sketch…. NOOO000ooo….

Too frustrated to take a pic of my breadboard. Should remember to avoid emotions stopping you document next time…