{ Brain } – process of painfully crafting your idea

SO. Here’s the report of my { brain } automata making process.

First, prototype with cardboard. Laser cut 11 pieces of pentagons, and stick them together with my favorite tool – duck tapes.


And endless steel wire bending.2014-11-23 22.56.04


Laser Cut transparent 3/16″ acrylic and build into dodecahedron  with hinges and machine screws.
2014-11-30 17.00.26

And mount the motor my pulley system!


Things all sound easy but there are actually lot of painful struggling –>

  1. Pre drilling hole on small wood tube is hard. Crack easily.
  2. Rope has to be trimmed neatly or it will stuck with wires.
  3. Bad binding with wire and motor shaft. Asked magical Ben Light, ordered a shaft coupler to connect wire and DC motor.
  4. Have to relocation the motor. Should leave more space for the shaft side.
  5. Friction debugging nightmare…

SO. I’m really concerned about the possibility of finishing it before Final…. but whatever, I’ll keep working on it :DDDDD


interview and sensors test {FungU}

Interview with Stephen from Ecovative and Customer Service Lady from Fungi Perfecti:

  • Free form mycelium fabrication could be doable, just remember to degerm.
  • Can’t be pressed in small mold because it will be hard to take out of the mold.
  • Can try to put growing log in the mold I make to grow, but cut it in half equals to cut the nutrients in half.

Discuss with Scott:

  • Questions for myself
    • organic or clean? based on what message I want to send, what emotion I want people to have be intrigued, be bound, to have raw motion from
    • —> messy, wild, crazy —> Organic!




  • kind of achieve to mimic the movement of the mushroom: when no one near, the mushroom keeps swinging, when ppl come near, the mushroom is aware and then stops.
  • problems: swing speed needs to slow down, could be more sensitive and accurate. ASK around. Yo.


  • order oyster mushroom kit
  • try using mycelium as dough(if it’s doable, project might change)
  • physical design
  • software design
  • LAB in shops
  • blue foam: big & small fungi
  • wood base box
  • put oyster mushroom in it and wait it to grow!!!