Application_What’s your definition of time?

a glass of wine and a clip of time.

a glass of wine and a clip of time.

It’s a response to Einstein’s Dream, written by Alan Lightman. Einstein’s Dream is a novel depicts several kinds(approximately 27, I counted) of world views, based on Time. In one world, time is circle that bends back, in one world cause and effect are erratic, and in one world time has changed plans thus sometimes people can glimpse the future. Beautiful and sad stories happen. Being a fiction novel, the book well translated the vision of Einstein in an artistic way.

As for my thoughts  –time exists in each individual’s mind. We can decide our own setting of time, just like what the book depicts. It might flows backward, or it might be in what people live just one day. Once our mindset changes, we can live in whatever kinds of the world the book depicts, and of course in the world you define.

Right now, I live in the world where everyday is the day before due. Chased by deadline, sometimes I work hard to try to win the race against time. Like trying to occupy all the seats in a hall against time. Compared to my rush and anxiety, time moves on gracefully in its pace. Or sometimes, I ignore the existence of deadline in the  “Oh Whatever” way. I explore the environment leisurely and spend time admiring surprising details of life. It’s like comfily curling in a sled, and let time drag me forward. I still do my work, and it probably just turns out being ordinary, but I’ll never be left behind. I can choose to be either kind of person. It all depends.

But this is not my ultimate dreamy setting of time. The one which is closest to my ultimate dreamy setting, SO FAR, would be –time is like the video clips you can stroll around on Youtube. Sometime at night, after all the work, it’s time for a glass of wine and a clip of time. Vividly, you see the beloved eyes from your grand grandmother, the ones without wrinkles, and you interpret the words from her that you couldn’t before. Or it’s a chilly random night, you and he continued the first acquaintance at bar to a 24/7 breakfast branch. You re-cover the taste of alcohol with eggs and pancake, and re-cover the talks of non-sense with visions of future. Or it’s an unexpected museum visiting, and you re-feel the shocks and touch of amaze from the first time of seeing the workpiece of your all time favorite artist.

In this closest to ultimate dreamy definition of time, that each clips of time is reachable, I can hold the one I thought I’d never be able to hold again, and I can recapture the sudden emotion pulse I thought I’d never be able to feel it again. Dose it sound too beautiful to be perfect? What’s the drawback of this? And what’s your ultimate(or the closest)dreamy setting of time? Those are the questions I’d love to quest you guys 🙂



7 weeks past, I’ve seen a lot of interaction thought through a lot of ideas for midterm project. Personally, it strengthens my favor for the tangible interaction. It doesn’t necessarily need to be touched to activate but it’s really a satisfying moment to be able to be touched, if users want to. For me, touching strengthen the level of interaction, since touching make workpiece more lively and real. More approachable. And that also strengthen my desire to make some low-fi thing! The original, unpolished appearing can let users focus on the content, and the exposed, seeable technology(e.g. motor, mechanical and physical stuff) can surprise users with familiar things doing unfamiliar things, and might even catalyze users to have new ideas to live the life.

About whether interaction to be implicit or explicit, I think it is case by case. Personally, unpredictable and surprise is my thing but some people might find it annoying and uncomfortable. Moreover, measuring the level of implicit is also an important issue. It should still have patterns or certain amount of logic, in that way users can still have the power of control.

inspiration_Nick Yulamn

Acoustic Drum Machine_Nick Yulman(( click me to see magic ))

Reading through the reading of PComp and found this ITP alum guy doing amazing stuff with servomotor and solenoid to make an elegant drum set! So artistic done with small drum from Borneo and snail shells! That’s exactly what I want to do, delicate stuff with low-fi appearing. Simply blown my mind. And this work was done in ITP during 2010 I guess.


Inspired at the same time. Thank you(who?) so much to let me become part of ITP. Thank you(who?).