M a r e


“Are you sure you are awake? Are you sure you are not in a dream?”It’s a journey to embrace discomforts and explore the unknown. Maximizing the immersive experience with visual, audio, and physical interactions, Mare let users to challenge their comfort zone and take in the rare stimulus which exists in dreams but people often easily forget.


VR, Oculus Rift, 3D, Arduino, Web, Motor

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[ Mare ] – script for instructions

For Mare, I want to use audio as instructions to let users know what they should do in “the world”. And it’s my pleasure to have lovely Kate Godwin to be my instructor to comfort and lead users the way 😀

Here are some draft scripts of instructions. Basic lines to insert into Mare with Web Audio API to test with.

  • Hmm… It’s 3 AM. Why are you here, standing in black instead of being in bed?
  • Are you sure you are awake?
  • Hey (different kinds of)
  • You think you’re not sleeping.
  • Are you sure?
  • Please close your eyes. / Do you mind closing your eyes?
  • Calm down.
  • Don’t be afraid.
  • Just do as I do.
  • Louder?
  • See. Very easy.
  • ~ small singing 🙂 ~
  • Just let go.

Project Development Studio – Untangle Ideas for project

T H E S I S     I S     C O M I N G      O M G.

But this is not a thesis. So calm down. Yet still, please excuse me to use bullets to slowly untangle my thoughts.



  • socially awkward
  • improve attention and social skills of children
  • time control
  • help building personal values
    • imprint period – from birth to 7 years
    • modelling period – from 8 to 13 years
    • socialization period – from 13 to 21 years


  • perception & imaginative
    • “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
    • “We are imaginative beasts.”
  • dream, waking dream
  • details
  • memory
  • flow of time
  • food
  • game

Before answering teacher Despina’s questions, I jotted down ideas came out from problems(public) side and from interests(personal) side, and I found I had more ideas about interests than problems, does it mean I’m a selfish person?


And here’s the answer of Despina’s questions:

  1. A description of my project
    • – concise description of what your project is –> An online journey within Dream, where world is ambiguous and fulls of traces for you to figure out; e.g. first person view game
      • – who is it for –> Anyone who is troubled by tangled thoughts and feels lost in waking dream
      • – what do you want your user (even if it yourself) when interacting with the work to:
        • – – feel –> Intrigued, surreal 
        • – – do –> Wonder in the world of the dream, embrace the emotions, and try to figure it out the circumstances
        • – – know (information and insights) –> By collecting traces and clues in Dream, users reflect it to their daily lives, knowing they are not the only one who lost, and hopefully feel less lost after that
      • – what is the “problem” you are trying to solve and what is your recommended solution –> problem: information explosion, tangled thoughts, lost feeling; solution: be in a place where users forget about reality, and spread positive(?) seed in user’s perception thus change user’s state of mind when user comes back to real life
      • – what are the opportunities that you see in the problem space –> ???
      • – what are the general challenges in the problem area and what do you think will be your specific challenges –> ???
      • – what research (with references) have you done so far (articles, related projects, materials etc) –> Froid, David Lynch; keywords: dream, perception, memory
  2. What are the technical, spatial, interactional requirements for your project –> webGL/Three.js or Unity, screen based or Oculus Rift, game controller or hopefully physically involved
  3. List of questions and answer them for your project –> TO-DO
  4. Your criteria of success –> User leaves with smile
  5. how do you plan to evaluate this success –> 1) Observe in present, 2) website visit count and duration w/ Google Analytics, 3) email/mail for getting feedback
  6. Draft timeline of how you will spend the next 13(-3) weeks –>TO-DO