5-in-5_Day2_Moving Eye


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JavaScript, first time! Nearly die…. I think I’m too used to Java/C++ syntax and too greedy/ambitious to try to do projects with JS… I spent whole afternoon searching on internet, and although I did found some awesome source codes, they just simply blown my mind. SO FOREIGN.

Thanks to Andy‘s suggestion, I narrowed down my goal to make a simple bouncing image in window. And it worked! After kind of (really just kind of) understanding JavaScript’s syntax and structure, I added extra functions: auto-moving and controlled by arrow keys at same time, and speed up/slow down feature.

Below are some of the resources I found:

I know right? Crazy.

Web_Free On Internet?

Response to Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality.

From this article I learned the idea of internet isolation. It has never occurred to me, about being locked in the social media website. Internet is amazing because any person can share information with anyone else, anywhere,  and each piece of information has it’s address– URI, which is accessible for everyone. And this related to me deeply because during the first homework of Web(building website w/ html), because it’s the first time I felt the existence and importance of URI, and therefore was more shocked to realize that, each information we send through Facebook, Twitter, etc. doesn’t really have its own URI!! Quoted– “…the more you enter, the more you become locked in.” It was really a horrified moment when I read through this.

But, then I thought about something probably being equally important… what about privacy? Quoted– “…walled gardens will never better than the open world.“, it seems quite right at the first glance, but… really? For the outside world, of course it’s wonderful that you can go where ever you want, but personally, we all need personal place. Probably not a good metaphor, but I think most of the people will agree walled gardens are not that bad, sometimes even lovely?

It’s really an interesting human behavior that people post personal info and feeling on the Facebook/Twitter, and then ask for privacy. It’s this kind of humanity that makes this problem complicated, but at the same time makes this world more vital and life 🙂