Horrible mistakes – Wrong parts order

This week I finished the board design for the muscle sensor, after trying several layouts.

( old ones )


Here’s the fake final look.

And I use OtherMill to mill the board, because the Roland can’t do the curvy routes.

And here’s the result whoo!


And then when I was happily ready to solder the parts on, I found out that what I ordered for the 150K, and 80.6K resistors were way too small!! Their type are 0402 instead of 0603! What was I thinking?! So tiny omg *_*


After being down for a while, I ordered parts from DigiKey again and refueled my life with hope.

And, I also found out that I have surface mount 1N1418 diodes when I was examining my parts ( so many mistakes ooops ), so I changed the schematics again! Replacing the through hole diodes with the surface mount ones, creating curvy dimension, and a making a hole for hanging, possibly.


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