Midterm Presentation

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.36.49 PM( Click to see the slides for presentation<3 )


Good to explore

  • Mask fools others, VR fools you –> reinforce each other
  • Single experience with multiple masks, all together VR (Group experience)
  • The physical input to change VR (e.g. open door of the house to change the digital content of it)
  • Use the mask to do normal things, live daily life
  • Dive in one then iterate more
  • Strong performance, theatrical element



  • They’re confused because they don’t really know what’s the media content they’re seeing.
  • Should show both outside and inside view at the same time
  • User scenario sketch is confusing
  • What to explore
    1. Is it an introvert experience? Feel to be an introvert?
    2. Does it connect you to other people?
    3. Does it invite others to interact?
  • The introversion can’t explain all of the project. It’s not just about you. It’s about others and so much more


Next steps

  • Prepare for USER TEST!
    • What to show? Short and quick?
      • 3/16, high school kids at Columbia University
      • ITP Quick DIrty Show
      • On the floor grab people when they go pass by the restroom
  • Dive in one first
    • Control Room
      • Physical input changes digital output
        • (Is it possible that digital input changes physical output?)
      • Better user scenario (more than kid building his/her own castle, ppl don’t buy it)
      • Be more able to walk smoothly ( Tested on 3/10 by myself)
      • The distance between user’s eyes and phone in real world, is different from the distance between user’s eyes and eyesight plane in the virtual world :
      • Couldn’t find out the usage to import other video feed yet
      • Daily life use possibilities
        • For now, the mask’s appearance is LOUD, and the content inside is also LOUD
  • Iterate more
    • People are interested in
      • Two people
      • Group (as a single AR effect though)
      • Nonverbal Mask
      • Projector Mask


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