For deeper thesis research, I first looked more into Nonsense, then on the format – Helmet, and discovered some traces and had some thoughts:

  • In this loud, information overloaded, rapid speedy world, people might use nonsense as a way to stand out and be noticeable, thus created this nonsense everywhere phenomenon.
  • With a contrary character of hiding the face and being conspicuous, helmet might represent the contradiction/dynamic equilibrium between introversion and extroversion.
  • Helmets could be utilized to bring out the good old value of nonsense in current society.


Deeper into Nonsense  

—Different kinds of nonsense in history. Why did they arise? What are they about? What’s the nonsense now? Nonsense used to be able to shock people, yet now it is everywhere. What’s the impact of it currently compared to in the past? Does nonsense still have value?

{ Past }


  • 1907, Picasso
  • instead of depicting objects from one viewpoint, the artist depicts the subject from a multitude of viewpoints
  • unhistorical deductions


  • started around 1910
  • thinks the logic and reason of bourgeois caused the WWI, so express the rejection by embracing chaos and illogic
  • anti-war, anti-art
  • a systematic work of destruction and demoralization


  • 1920’s
  • resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality
  • pure psychic automatism, expressing the subconscious
  • Freud’s work with free association, dream analysis, and the unconscious
  • aimed to revolutionize human experience


  • 1960’s
  • blending different artistic media and disciplines
  • anti-commercialism and an anti-art sensibility

{ Now }

Frankly, I can’t define what’s the Nonsense is nowaday. But below are what I found related:

Arty Narcissism

“…pretentious, meaningless, tongue twisting nonsense spoken in some artists’ statements. The culprits are mainly the conceptual artists who need to bamboozle you with an attempt at philosophical genius in order to camouflage the insignificance of the poorly executed end product.

“The contemporary market has been subject to extreme speculation, but there is a difference between speculation and fraud. The economic downturn will moderate the speculative bubble that has seen some less deserving artists command extreme prices.”


“A game that you just walk in. It’s not about winning, it’s not about overcoming the challenges, it’s not even about challenges anymore… Justwalkingism is giving you something to go through and what is important is that you actually go through it. You.”

“Justwalkingism is an art movement, meaning that its artists express themselves on many platforms. It’s like colouring books: the outlines are there but the finished piece is still yours to make.”


Helmet/Mask – Interconnection between Nonsense and Introversion

Introvert vs Extrovert (by Carl Jung)

  • Introversion: an attitude-type characterised by orientation in life through subjective psychic contents (focus on one’s inner psychic activity)
  • Extraversion: an attitude type characterised by concentration of interest on the external object (the outside world)


  • The existence is the clashing of introversion and extroversion
  • Identify/Mindset changing
  • A shelter / lense / armor to approach the physical world

Some notes/thoughts after reading The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

  • We have the ability to be whomever we want –> power of free will.
  • Because I consider myself as an introvert, be careful DON’T beautify introversion.
  • Solitude can be a catalyst to innovation? What about work in a group?
  • If introvert and extrovert do complete each others, a person can be a “complete” one, by shifting between introvert and extrovert?

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