TRAF_a system to remember my dream

For my “a system for remembering”, I’m interested in building a process to remember my dream. For me, dream is magical and personal, and also difficult to trace once back to reality(= waking up). It’s like a super flexible and smooth eel, and all I want to do is collecting the slime traces that it leaves behind.

Below is my first draft for the design.

Being reminded –>

  • writing it down –> rip off the paper –> put it into jars to sort the dream
  • recording it w/ phone –> upload into dropbox using ifttt –> send mms for reminding to sort the dream



And here’s my second design to combine the idea of 1)reminding 2)without disturbing

dream clipper on the wall

And here’s the prototype! Yeeeeeeeee I’ll try it tonight!!!

[pic to add]

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