Project Development Studio – Untangle Ideas for project

T H E S I S     I S     C O M I N G      O M G.

But this is not a thesis. So calm down. Yet still, please excuse me to use bullets to slowly untangle my thoughts.



  • socially awkward
  • improve attention and social skills of children
  • time control
  • help building personal values
    • imprint period – from birth to 7 years
    • modelling period – from 8 to 13 years
    • socialization period – from 13 to 21 years


  • perception & imaginative
    • “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
    • “We are imaginative beasts.”
  • dream, waking dream
  • details
  • memory
  • flow of time
  • food
  • game

Before answering teacher Despina’s questions, I jotted down ideas came out from problems(public) side and from interests(personal) side, and I found I had more ideas about interests than problems, does it mean I’m a selfish person?


And here’s the answer of Despina’s questions:

  1. A description of my project
    • – concise description of what your project is –> An online journey within Dream, where world is ambiguous and fulls of traces for you to figure out; e.g. first person view game
      • – who is it for –> Anyone who is troubled by tangled thoughts and feels lost in waking dream
      • – what do you want your user (even if it yourself) when interacting with the work to:
        • – – feel –> Intrigued, surreal 
        • – – do –> Wonder in the world of the dream, embrace the emotions, and try to figure it out the circumstances
        • – – know (information and insights) –> By collecting traces and clues in Dream, users reflect it to their daily lives, knowing they are not the only one who lost, and hopefully feel less lost after that
      • – what is the “problem” you are trying to solve and what is your recommended solution –> problem: information explosion, tangled thoughts, lost feeling; solution: be in a place where users forget about reality, and spread positive(?) seed in user’s perception thus change user’s state of mind when user comes back to real life
      • – what are the opportunities that you see in the problem space –> ???
      • – what are the general challenges in the problem area and what do you think will be your specific challenges –> ???
      • – what research (with references) have you done so far (articles, related projects, materials etc) –> Froid, David Lynch; keywords: dream, perception, memory
  2. What are the technical, spatial, interactional requirements for your project –> webGL/Three.js or Unity, screen based or Oculus Rift, game controller or hopefully physically involved
  3. List of questions and answer them for your project –> TO-DO
  4. Your criteria of success –> User leaves with smile
  5. how do you plan to evaluate this success –> 1) Observe in present, 2) website visit count and duration w/ Google Analytics, 3) email/mail for getting feedback
  6. Draft timeline of how you will spend the next 13(-3) weeks –>TO-DO

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