perform test & 5 patterns of emotion

Group perform test w/ audiences!

And below are my 5 patterns of emotion.

The emotion accumulates through the weaving of three stories. At first, the emotion is unsure and blur. And gradually, the similarities of three stories appears, and the emotion goes higher and higher. In the end, huge amount of happiness burst out. The pattern of emotion reaches pick. And the result makes the sweetness linger into the end.


For music, similar to the 1st piece, emotion starts low and then goes high. What’s special about this is its “swinging” feature. By swing low makes the high even higher. And the competitive pattern create the anticipation from audience and creates more sense of involvement.


I see the pattern of the weaving from up to down. Not only the lines, the different materials and textures bring and add another layer to the pattern. It’s like the extra details on the high and low points. Besides the pattern of wave, different genera.


It’s an unusual pattern I’d love to challenge. Unlike the easy-following pattern, the abrupt fault shift the layers as whole, so although it’s easy to tell from looking at distance, it’s difficult to tell in close-up view. In the way to express, I’d imagine the “style” will change abruptly and unrelated at all. Altering without clues. And after that, gradually and gradually, viewers(or receivers, more broad) MIGHT realize the changing. Hopefully.


It’s a raw meat pattern. Less linear, more circular. It’s like a linear pattern without the end. Ending is always the beginning. Love the variation of width of layers. Difference of width, curves, and colors can add up producing a rich experience. Not good for real performance definitely.

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