Quick notes after Winter Show 2013

Dope Ropes



  • “Is it NIME? Just PComp? Wow good job guys, amazing!”
  • “What does it do?”
  • “Wow I like that, check this out, this is my favorite!”
  • “Why do you choose those sounds?”
  • advices for the ropes attachment
  • very satisfying when pulling
  • bell instrument
  • “Are they sex tool ropes?”
  • pretty on and off switch LED
  • “LED is fun.”
  • Are you a musician?
  • Can you compose song with this?
  • Using headphones for this.
  • Speakers can be located separately for each set.
  • People are afraid they’re going to pull it down; afraid to pull in the beginning

Aftershow Notes

  • too high to adjust, all the wires need to be glued to be stable
  • xbee data sending –> glitch!
  • pulling instrument –> potential, because it’s rare. The only association people have is ringing the bell.
  • people seems more related to recognizable sample sounds
  • pitch changing one needs to be more subtle and gentle
  • Pulling demonstration helps people understand






  • some just pass by
  • some enjoy it, standing for a long time and coming back later
  • people feel more comfortable when I’m not beside the stand
  • watching –> realizing –> smiling –> seeing EyesMouthes –> laughing
  • “Ha. Big brother is watching.”
  • “How do you say this title?”  “I see. Sounds like what they look like.”
  • “Fun” “Very interesting”
  • “Hmm”
  • “What should I do?” “How does it work?”
  • “Can I take picture with it?”
  • “Can I record this?”
  • people wave at the camera
  • “It’d be cool if it can detect me smiling”
  • interested in how it works
  • “I want to take this home and put it in my room.”

Aftershow Notes

  • If it’s workable would be more interesting to open more sketches
  • Ideally two computers with 4 projectors!
  • can add more interaction function e.g. detect smile and laugh
  • more knowledge about surveillance and psychology of people’s react with it

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