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OpenCV Library



Just tweaking around Daniel Shiffman’s LiveFaceDetect example with OpenCV library. Photoshopped off the face of Mushroom. And I’m proud that I mapped the position and the scale well! So FIT hahaha. Below is my mushroom hat mapping code.

if (faces != null) {
    for (int i = 0; i < faces.length; i++) {
      // image size: 500
      // maps image size with face scale
      float w = map(img.width, 200, 1, 1, faces[i].width);
      float h = map(img.height, 200, 1, 1, faces[i].height);

      image(img, faces[i].x+faces[i].width/2-(w)/2, faces[i].y-(h)/2, w, h);

And here’s the video for it. Fun!


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