7 weeks past, I’ve seen a lot of interaction thought through a lot of ideas for midterm project. Personally, it strengthens my favor for the tangible interaction. It doesn’t necessarily need to be touched to activate but it’s really a satisfying moment to be able to be touched, if users want to. For me, touching strengthen the level of interaction, since touching make workpiece more lively and real. More approachable. And that also strengthen my desire to make some low-fi thing! The original, unpolished appearing can let users focus on the content, and the exposed, seeable technology(e.g. motor, mechanical and physical stuff) can surprise users with familiar things doing unfamiliar things, and might even catalyze users to have new ideas to live the life.

About whether interaction to be implicit or explicit, I think it is case by case. Personally, unpredictable and surprise is my thing but some people might find it annoying and uncomfortable. Moreover, measuring the level of implicit is also an important issue. It should still have patterns or certain amount of logic, in that way users can still have the power of control.

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