PComp_5_Don’t Touch My Cookie!

Fantasy kind of comes to live guys!

After the PComp class, I was inspired to do more about how the communications between Arduino and Processing. I want them to be more instinct, more meaningful, and more related to each other, not just switching on and off. And stay away using MOUSE to control/adjust my work all the time. My works should have their own behaviors patterns, without others tell them what to do. (kind of like users can only have small control/impact on them ;))

So I came out of an idea to control the chocolate spiders amount of my this week’s ICM homework! Since my intention of this project is scaring away people who try to eat it, why not building the interaction based on that? The more you come closer to the cookie(I use photosensor), the more chocolate spiders will come out alive. And the button at Top Left corner will turn red to warn!PComp_cookie_spider

And it worked! 😀 The contends and the behavior matched perfectly. First time! Exciting!! And my circuit looked simple as well.

2013-10-09 14.33.07

Come out a good/crazy idea, and then execute it well in the most instinct and simplest way. It’s my goal of life now.

Below are my To-Do-Lists that inspired through today’s PComp class:

  1. Change velocity, acceleration, changes, instead of just position and on-and-off, so when there’s no input(no one using it), animation still runs.
  2. Different modes with different compositions of inputs. (e.g. Mode A: button 1; Mode B: button 1+2 …)
  3. Let users feel they control something in an abstract way. (Wwwwooo complicated…)

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