Audio recording project of Neva and me!

Do you feel being cooked?

Neva and I wanted to play sound with space and left/right tracks to build up an environment in which the audience would feel being cooked, burned, sprayed on, drank etc..



Except the intro music and high heels sound, we recorded every pieces in Neva’s place. And then we used Pro Tool to edit.  Thanks to the advice from teacher Craig, we edited whole piece at first, and then decided which one goes to Ceiling or Floor, which one goes to right or left soundtrack. And for some of the sound pieces , like rolling, we cut one single sound into pieces, and assigned them one after one into the right and left soundtrack.

In the end, the effect is quite good! We did create a 3D sound effect and it’s really interesting to hear our work delivered by 4 stereos(Much better than listening through computer).

Below are our fun time documentation!

boilingSoundme_eatingSoundneva_recordingwe_recordingplum listens to appledraftproTool

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